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Saleem Bagh Menus

Traditional Starters
Tandoori Speciality & Hors D'Ouveres

Onion Bhajee £2.95

Aloo Chat £2.95
(Pieces of Potato Spiced & Cooked with a Hot Sour Sauce)

Somosa £2.95
(Vegetable or Meat)

Sheek Kebab £3.40

Chicken Tikka £3.75

Lamb Tikka £3.95

Tandoori Chicken (1/4) £3.75

Tandoori Fish (Trout) £4.50

Tandoori King Prawn £5.50

Tandoori Mixed Kebab £5.25
(Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Sheek Kebab & Onion Bhajee)

Nargis Kebab £3.75

Shami Kebab £3.40

Chicken Chat £3.75
(Pieces of Chicken Spiced & Cooked with Hot Sour Sauce)

Chicken Pakura £3.75
(Gently Spiced & Shallow Fried in Oil)

Melon £2.50

Soup £2.50
(Chicken, Tomato, Vegetable or Lentils)

Stuffed Pepper £3.95
(Spicy Minced Lamb in a Green Pepper, Roasted in a Clay Oven)

Chicken Malai Kebab £3.95
(Minced Chicken & Cheese with Tandoori, Herbs & Aromatic Spices)

Tikka Changga £3.95
(Lamb or Chicken) (Tikka Fried with Spring Onion and Potatoes)

Tandoori Lamb Chops £3.95
(Marinated with special Spice Over Charcoal on Skewers)

Prawn Cocktail £2.95

Scampi £3.40

Prawn & Puree £3.95

King Prawn & Puree £5.50

King Prawn Achanak £5.50
(King Prawn cooked in Garlic & Butter served on a bed of Deep Fried Potato & Salad)

Tandoori Fish Tikka (Salmon) £5.50

Fish Pakura (Salmon) £5.50

King Prawn Butterfly £5.50

Fusion Influenced Starters

Platter for Two £9.95
(Aloo Tikka, Samosas, Chicken and Lamb Tikka)

Garlic Mushroom Potato £3.50
(Soft Spiced Potato Balls with Mushrooms in Garlic Butter)

Onion, Palak & Dhal Fritters £3.25
(with Mint Raitha)

Roti Saag £3.50
(Spinach and chick peas stacked on mini warm chapattis)

Mince Chicken Kebab £3.75
(with Red Pepper and Onion Salsa)

Trio Samosa £3.75
(Lamb, Fish and Vegetable, served with Red Pepper/Onion Salsa)

Naga Kebab £3.75
(Naga Chilli in Sheek Kebab with Spicy Whole Mushroom Piazza)

Chicken Malai Tikka (Mild) £3.95

Duck Achanak £4.95
(Cooked in Garlic and Butter, Served on a Bed of Deep Fried Potato and Salad)

Duck Tikka £4.95
(Marinated with Delicate Herbs and Spices, Fried with Onions and Green Peppers)

Torpedo Prawn £3.75
(Thai Torpedo Prawns Spiced, Buttered and Deep Fried)

Pan-Fried Seabass £5.95
(on a Cucumber Salad)

Coconut & Coriander Salmon £5.95
(with Mango & Chilli Dressing)

Special banquet evenings - MONDAYS
9 courses - only £10.95 per person

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