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Saleem Bagh Menus

Inspirational Specials
Bangladeshi Flavours and Fusion Inspirations

Aromatic Orange Chicken or Lamb Tikka Bhuna (Rich and delicious!) £8.95
(Enjoy the succulent marinated spring chicken or lamb tikka complimented with fresh orange, cooked with aromatic spices to produce a sweet and sour experience)

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Methi (Medium dish) £8.95
(Cooked with Fenugreek Waves of Herbs)

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Tawa (Medium Dry) £8.95
(With Spinach, Red Pepper and Mushroom Cooked on a Sizzling Tawa)

Naga Chicken or Lamb (Fairly hot and spicy) £8.95
(Cooked with Bengali chilli in a thick sauce)

Pistachio Butter Chicken or Lamb (Mild) £8.95
(Cooked with yoghurt and pistachio nuts)

Pumpkin Chicken or Lamb (Sweet semi-dry dish) £8.95
(With pumpkin and garnished with fresh herbs)

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Jaflong (Slightly hot) £8.95
(From the hills of Jaflong using Fresh Spices Cooked with Garlic & Fresh Chilli)

Garlic Chilli Chicken (Slightly hot) £8.95
(Barbecued Chicken Pieces Coriander & Crisp Red Chilli)

Shahi Chicken Chasni Dargh (Sweet & sour) £8.95
(Chicken cooked with Honey & Lime Juice)

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Fruity Merg (Mild) £8.95
(A creamy, mild & fruity dish)

Chicken Tikka Delicacy (Mild) £8.95
(Almonds, Ground Cashew Nuts, Sultanas, Fresh Cream & Pistachios)

Chicken Tikka Palak (Medium) £8.95
(Chicken Tikka cooked with Spinach, Ricotta, Chick Peas, Onions & Tomatoes)

Minty Chicken or Lamb (Mild) £8.95
(Spring Chicken or Lamb Cooked with home made Yoghurt and Fresh Garden Mint & various Spices, forming a Sweet and Sour taste

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Sizzler (Medium) £8.95
(Tender pieces of Spring Chicken or Lamb cooked with Spring Onions, Green Peppers and Fresh Coriander to form a semi dry dish)

Mustard Chicken or Lamb (Fairly Hot) £8.95
(Breast of Chicken or Lamb cooked with Whole Black Mustard Seeds & Fresh Ingredients including Green chilli, Herbs & Spices to give a fairly hot and spicy mouth watering taste)

Tandoori Lamb Chop Chilli Massala (Slightly Hot) £8.95
(Tandoori Lamb Chop cooked with Green Chillies, Serrano Chillies & Tomatoes, a dry dish)

Chicken Tikka Regatta (Mild to Medium) £9.50
(Breast of Chicken cooked in a Tarragon & Ricotta sauce)

Duck Tikka/Mosala/Bhuna/Jalfrezi £9.95

King Prawn Goa (Medium) £9.95
(King Prawns fried with Fennel Seed, Fresh Ginger & Garlic in a thick curry sauce)

Salmon Bhahar (Medium to mild) £10.95
(Diced pieces of Salmon cooked in a Tarragon Sauce)

Hareyele (Slightly Hot) £13.95
(Combination of Lobster & Chicken)

Fusion Influenced Specials
These dishes are prepared & cooked differently & may take longer than other dishes. All dishes served with rice.

Chicken Chettinad (Slighlty hot & sour) £10.95
(Morsels of chicken, cooked in the traditional spice mix from the community of Chetiyar, Madras; garnished with red chilli and finished with tamarind. Served with coconut rice)

Chicken Shahi Dhal (Sweet and Sour) £10.95
(Breast of chicken stuffed with spicy brinjol, grilled and served with a sweet and sour lentil sauce, served with pilau rice)

Seared Supreme Chicken or Lamb £10.95
(Sweet and Sour)
(Fresh spring chicken breast or lamb, grilled and served with a sweet and sour sauce. With Thai pad noodles)

Murge-E-Laziz (Slightly Hot) £10.95
(Barbecued breast of tandoori chicken, cooked with minced lamb & a blend of our chefs own secret spices. Served with pilau rice)

Bombay Lamb Chops (Mild) £10.95
(Exquisitely prepared succulent lamb chops flame grilled and then served on a bed of mushrooms and onions and covered in a mild sauce)

Marinated Duck Breast (Medium) £11.95
(Breast of duck steeped in a rich marinade of spices, pan fried on a bed of cumin potato with apricot and ginger chutney. Served with garlic rice)

Stir Fried Duck (Sweet and Sour) £11.95
(Tender duck, stir fried with green peppers, onions and sweetcorn with soya sauce. Garnished with herbs. Served with pilau rice)

Special banquet evenings - MONDAYS
9 courses - only £10.95 per person

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